Power supplies, datalinks, and cables

AX1 Power/Data Extension Cable

AX1-EXC Available in 5/10/15 meters

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FP1 Individual Power Supply

Item Number: FP1-CHR Description: The Astera LED Titan Tube / Helios Tube Single Charger FP1-CHR charges (1) Titan Tube or (1) Helios Tube.  FP1-CHR, 24V / 2.5A ...

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FP1 Power Box

Item Number: FP1-PB Description: Charges your Titan & Helios Tubes inside the case or powers them during usage.  Also enables wired DMX connection.  ...

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FP1 Power/Data Cable

Item Number: FP1-PWB-CAB Description: Available in 5, 10 and 15 meters.  DMX and Power Compatible With:  Helios Tube, Titan Tube Datasheet: N/A

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